Life from a Looking-Lad

Let me figure out who I'm doing, where I am, and what I'm going. Or something.


When I read 90% of the posts that have comments like “omg dying,” “peeing,” “what is air,” and other dumblr colloquialisms, I just sit there and stare straight-faced at my monitor.


Vidcon Begins!

VidCon opens with a blast! Late driving, late hotel check in, and we ended up not laying down to sleep until five am.
Four hours later, we get on the line ride for badge registration. Eta NEVER.

The last three days

What if you found out you only had six months left to live: Who would you tell, what would you do, where would you go?

Once you answer that, answer this:
Why do you need a six month heads up? Why aren’t you with the people who matter, doing what matters, where you want to be, right now?


And I love my friends.

Monica & Gail, thanks for a night well spent saying ‘fuck you’ to my essay.